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About Samos Scrotums

About Samos Scrotums

The Kangaroo is one of the most popular Australian animals.  The Kangaroo is unique to Australia.  Kangaroo Souvenirs are very popular items for overseas visitors.

The Kangaroo Scrotum is a very unique souvenir of Australia.  It is a seamless leather pouch perfect for coins or other precious personal items.

The Kangaroo Scrotum can be used as a keychain accessory, or even as a pouch for Australian opals or jewellery.  The Kangaroo scrotum is also used as a feature in cars, hung from the rear vision mirror.  The possibilities for this unique pouch are endless.

Ever since the Aboriginal Dreamtime long ago, the Kangaroo Scrotum has been known to bring good luck and great fortune to its owners.

As ancient legend has it, the young Australian Aboriginal hunter Barame created this pouch to contain his precious belongings and he wore it around his neck everywhere he went.  He soon found out how lucky it was when it stopped a spear thrown by his enemy, from killing him.

From that day onward it became a valued symbol of good luck amongst the Australian Aboriginal people.

To some, the Kangaroo Scrotum is known as a lucky fertility pouch.

Now everyone can share in the luck of the Kangaroo Scrotum with your very own all-Australian Lucky Pouch.