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Kangaroo Skin

Product Information

The Kangaroo is one of the most popular native Australian animals. The Kangaroo is unique to Australia, thus making the Kangaroo skin such a popular souvenir to overseas visitors.

There are two species of kangaroos. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus Giganteus) and the Red Kangaroo (Macropus Rufus).

The Grey Kangaroo is known for its longish grey hair, whilst the Red Kangaroos are known for their softer fur. There is no distinction between male and female on the finished kangaroo skin rug. At Samos, we tan both Red and Greys, with the Reds being the majority.

All of our raw Kangaroo hides are by-product of the meat industry, and are sourced from reputable suppliers around Australia who are certified and members of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia (KIAA), the peak representative body for the commercial kangaroo industry, representing 90% of Kangaroo meat and skin processors across the country. Members sell high-quality and traceable meat and leather products, responsibly sourced from an open range environment where kangaroos graze on the natural pastures and foliage of the Australian bush.

Our Kangaroo skins are tanned in Victoria and are Vegetable tanned by our expert leather craftsmen. The process of Vegetable tanning is Organic, uses natural tannins from bark, and is considered the traditional method of tanning leather hides.

Our Kangaroo skins are available in the following sizes:

ROO.SML - Small Kangaroo Skins
ROO.MED - Medium Kangaroo Skins
ROO.LGE - Large Kangaroo Skins
ROO.XL - Extra Large Kangaroo Skins
ROO.SUP - Super Large Kangaroo Skins
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